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The European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requires payment service providers (PSPs) to provide third party service providers¹ access to the accounts of customers who authorize them. The directive proposes two solutions:

A specific interface or the use by third party service providers of the interfaces used for authentication and communication with payment service users of PSPs that manage accounts.

After consultation with certain players in the market, the FPE has chosen not to introduce a specific interface and proposes that third parties wishing to use the interface used by its customers attach the operating instructions included in the link below to the access requests (API calls or web scraping) that they will need to make on behalf of Nickel customer users.

Edit: As a result of access issues identified by our teams, a new procedure has been available since 17/05/2022 and will switch from API v1 to API v2 on 15/06/2022.

How does it work?



Sécurité Nickel

Technical description

Header Description
tpp-signature-timestamp Actual timestamp (ISO 8601 format)
tpp-etsi-authorization-number TPP identification (following ETSI TS 119 49 specification)
digest POST only. Digest algorithm (at least SHA256)

Format : keyId="",algorithm="",headers="",signature=”” With :

       - keyId URL of certificate
       - algorithm algorithm used (at least RSA-SHA256)
       - headers list of headers signed
       - signature signature result itself

PSU-IP-Address Customer (end user) IP Address
PSU-User-Agent Customer (end user) User-Agent (raw format)

If you are licensed and would like to access Nickel's customer data by logging in through this header: fill in this form or write to us !

Useful links

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