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Nickel and Partners

Since the launch of Nickel in 2014 in France, numerous associations and social workers started recommending Nickel account to people they help : young, unemployed, over-indebted or homeless people, refugees, part-time or seasonal workers…

Indeed, without overdraft and easy to open in 5 minutes in a wide point of sales network, Nickel is particularly adapted to beneficiaries of many NGOs and public institutions. The core principle of our product being “to pay and to be paid”, we share with those organizations the objective to allow anyone to have a payment account.

In light of those observations, We have also developed a dedicated partnership offer for Belgium to accompany all entities pursuing the same objective : financial inclusion for all.

We can for example assist :

  • Social landlords for organizing the rent payment through transfer instead of cash,
  • Social workers for helping on professional insertion and social inclusion of their beneficiaries,
  • In case of economic violence because a Nickel account is convenient and useful to build one’s independence and get protection in a dangerous situation,
  • Seasonal and part-time working companies for helping their clients and workers to quickly get a banking account in order to receive the salary.


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Through the above email address, we only answer to messages related to partnerships. If you have any questions about your personal Nickel account, please use our contact form or reach out to our customer service, from monday to friday from 8:30-19h at 02 891 29 80.