100% useful services:


    Withdrawals and deposits at Nickel Points of Sale

    You can withdraw and deposit cash in more than 7,000 Nickel Points of Sale throughout France and overseas.


    Manage your account with SMS

    Do you and digital make 2? Not familiar with digital? No problem, use our SMS alert service to receive all the information you need about your account instantly!


    Money transfers abroad

    Send money anywhere in the world, easily and directly from your Nickel app thanks to our partner RIA.

Your card at your fingertips:

  • 1

    View your expenses in real time

  • 2

    Have you lost your card? Don't panic, you can temporarily block it

  • 3

    Deactivate the contactless, online payments or payments abroad

  • 4

    Easily manage your ceilings from your App or web Customer Area

  • 5

    Retrieve your PIN code directly by SMS


Your card at your fingertips:


93% satisfied customers*

*based on our 2020 NPS of over 3,000 responses

Client FR

I'm very happy with their service, withdrawals abroad aren't expensive, and customer service has always been friendly to me


Client FR 2

Back after 2 years of use, it is simply perfect, no bugs, regular updates, we feel it is maintained. I can't tell you anything about the Customer Service, because I've hardly ever needed it


Client FR 3

I am extremely satisfied, I got my iban in 5min! The app is great, very easy to use. Everything is just perfect!


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